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Message du CSEM à Anne et Raphaël

Anne and Raphaël,

From everyone at CSEM, we wish you the very best of luck as you embark on this crazy adventure!

We’ve loved working with you every step of the way in putting together your SolarArcticPassage mission. As fellow environmental enthusiasts, we’re really happy to be joining you in spreading the idea that we humans can live more sustainably. We’re very excited that we’ve been able to support you with this responsible technology.

Navigating the Northwest Passage while relying so heavily on solar energy will be a historic and defining moment for energy conservation. Three thousand kilometers through ice over three months! All we can say is, better you than us!

Anne we’ll be thinking of you (and your poor arms!) as you paddle the entire journey, and Raphaël, we’ll be anxious to find out how well the solar modules hold up under such extreme conditions.

Working with you to adapt photovoltaic panels to such an innovative and important use has been wonderful challenge. There were tricky conditions to consider, but the three that we’ve designed should produce up to 300-watt solar energy. This will allow you to charge your cameras, data sensors, laptop and satellite phone and (fingers crossed!) have you travelling up to 100 kilometers a day.

We have all our faith in you and will be here in Switzerland zealously following this blog, biting our nails and cheering you on.

Look forward to the next project upon your return!

“Bon voyage”!
CSEM team

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