Raphaël Domjan, eco-adventurer and speaker

Born on 19 January 1972 in Neuchâtel, raised in Lausanne, Switzerland

Raphaël has been passionate about adventure and exploration since childhood. Now an eco-explorer and speaker, through his SolarPlanet Foundation, Raphaël is committed to to promote solar energy to fight against climate change.

Today, his adventures and explorations are no longer about discovering unknown lands or breaking records. They focus instead on protecting our environment and biodiversity. We now have the knowledge and technology we need to be completely sustainable, and to make meaningful progress together.

Raphaël is also involved in various humanitarian projects. He wants to promote the use of renewable energy in developing countries, thus enabling them to acquire energy independence while developing new technologies.

  • Eco-explorer & Speaker
  • Mountaineer, pilot and parachutist
  • Founding member and partner of the company Horus Networks Sàrl, the first solar host in the world
  • Initiator, president and expedition leader of the “PlanetSolar” adventure, the first solar-powered around-the-world tour
  • Co-founder and chair of the “PlanetSolar” foundation for the promotion of renewable energy.
  • Co-author of the book “PlanetSolar” (Favre, 2010)
  • Co-author of the book “PlanetSolar, le premier tour du monde à l’énergie solaire” (Favre, 2012)
  • Production of the documentary “A la poursuite du soleil” (Chasing the sun) (2012)
  • First solar polar navigation in the Northwest Passage (2015)
  • Co-author of the book “Pionniers et aventuriers de l’énergie solaire” (Favre, 2018)
  • Initiator and pilot of SolarStratos, Raphaël’s new expedition to the edge of space


  • Member of the New York Explorers Club
  • Member of the Society of French Explorers (SEF)
  • Member of the Global Speakers Federation
  • First circumnavigation by solar-powered boat, Guinness World Record
  • Swiss Solar Prize 2012
  • European Solar Prize 2013
  • Founder of the EcoExplorer Society, Monaco

Raphaël Domjan, eco-adventurer and speaker